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Moon and Stars

Ear Cuffs Sold Seperately

Our ear cuffs are designed specifically to fit halfway down, around the "helix" and the "antihelix", where the cartilage is usually the firmest. Unless you are buying one of our ear cuffs with chain you do not require any piercings to wear an ear cuff.

Moon and Stars

  • Position yourself in front of a mirror so you can see your ear. Start at the top of the ear cuff where the cartilage is thin and slide the ear cuff all of the way flush onto the ear at the opening in the cuff ring. Holding the ear taught with your other hand usually helps the cuff slide more easily. Slide the ear cuff down to the middle of your ear, while simultaneously turning it toward your face. This helps guide the ear cuff over the ridge in your cartilage and to drop into canal where it needs to sit. A test of whether the ear cuff is on correctly is to pull it to the side (horizontal with your shoulders) – if you feel resistance – it is on correctly. If it comes off — you need to readjust the cuff. Ear cuffs should not pinch or feel uncomfortable to wear. Once you wear your ear cuff you should almost forget it is there. Always be cautious when removing tight clothes, scarves, or brushing your hair with an ear cuff on.

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