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New York Renaissance Fair Table Moon Angel Jewelry

Our Jewlery

We make each and every piece of Moon Angel jewelry by hand! This includes design, molds, casting, finishing, setting stones, and assembling.

We cast our metals with the lost-wax process, using .925 Sterling Silver, and sometimes bronze for small accents.


All of our jewelry is available with a variety of stones. You select the stone, and we will set it in your piece of Moon Angel jewelry!



While designing, and during production, comfort and structural integrity are our highest priorities.

All our workmanship and materials are guaranteed to be free from defects.

Should you ever need any Moon Angel jewelry repaired, please contact us.

Our Story
Ron and Fa Peckham

Ron and Fa Peckham have been designing and producing these fine works of art for over 35 years. Ron began his love of jewelry design in the 70's. He started out in Montreal, Canada exhibiting in 3 provinces and 9 states. From there the husband and wife team traveled the country between Canada and the U.S. in their modified school bus touring to sell their pieces at shows, street fairs, and bazaars. They finally decided to "settle down" after the birth of their son Faron, only doing 42 shows and Renaissance Festivals. Ron & Fa eventually landed in Sugar Loaf, NY opening a store front to sell their wares, reducing the number of shows to only 26 per year. 1,000s of miles and loyal customers with years of hard work and determination have led us here. Thanks to you this is all possible. We hope to keep growing and keep this dream alive for many more years to come. 

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